Have A Look On The Various Waterstop Expansion Joints You Can Use

The expansion joints are also called the movement joints and they are designed to absorb the heat expansion and the contraction of the materials that are used during the construction of the building. The expansion joints are also used for allowing the movement that is caused due to the ground settlement or the earthquake. These joints are mainly found in between the sections of the railway tracks, bridges, ships, piping systems and the sidewalks. These structures are gaining in importance these days as they are having the wide range of utilities at the buildings.

Control Joints

The waterstop control joints are placed in the concrete and the asphalt and they are quite different from the expansion joints. The control joints are placed on the pavement at the regular interval to reduce the excessive contraction and expansion of the building material. The control joints that are used on the roads are sealed with the cold sealant, compression sealant, and the hot tar.

The watersop structure for concrete construction

The waterstop expansion joint is made with the elastomers having various characteristics. They are available in two different forms, one is the flexible PVC and the other one is the nitrile. The nitrile variety is having the higher breaking elongation, resistance to the chemicals and other features as well. It is having the higher elasticity more than the rubber. The welded joints are comparatively easy to produce. The PVCwaterstops are affordable than the nitrile ones.

Waterstops for the expansion joints

Watertight expansion joint products are available in the nitrile or the PVC variants. The nitrile waterstops are having the higher breaking points when they are stretched. The welded joints are quite easier to manufacture. The PVC waterstops are economical and they are used for various industrial uses.

The Hydrophilic seal trips

These strips are used in the industrial zones and they ensure perfect waterproof qualities of the various construction joints in the commercial buildings as well as the ground. When water is present, these strips expand but when there is no water, the strip dries out and remains in the exact shape as like the original. When using the strips, the base material should not be having the oil, grease or any type of dust. The loose materials should be removed. While installing these strips, you should keep in mind that the extra moisture should be removed from the bottom.

The watertight expansion joint is available in the customized forms as per the requirement of the customers.