Tips for the New Home Owner in Suffolk County, NY: Tree Pruning

Like most people, you probably have never heard of “tree pruning” and if you have you must be involved in the agricultural or gardening field. I recently moved to the Suffolk County area and bought a home! We have plenty of trees in our area and it had me thinking, is that something I need to worry about? I have never owned a home where I had such large trees in my yard coming from Arizona. So were going to take a deeper dive into suffolk county tree pruning and what it even means.

Suffolk County, NY is home to many large growing trees and the process of tree pruning helps the tree maintain its beautiful, elegant appearance. Why would you need to prune your trees? Well, over time they can grow very large and obstruct natural light or the line of sight for you or others. In addition to this, as the tree gets thicker the growth can cause the tree itself to die! So, we can conclude this is healthy for the tree as well. Another concern here is that as it is growing so much living in Suffolk County there are power lines. As your tree gets taller and grows more you want to manage that with tree pruning so that it doesn’t become a safety hazard. Other perks of this are that by removing some of the lower hanging branches you free up walk ways for the tall people in the world! Help your tall neighbor.

Overall it looks like tree pruning is the best option to maintain these beautiful trees and prevent them from just rotting in my yard, since I do not know how to take care of them. And now I have an alternative to having to remove the trees. I definitely want to preserve our beautiful mother nature!