A Song for My Love

Music can bring to people from different walks of life and cause them to fall in love. I love my fiancee Hani so much. All I do is dream about the day that I can call her my wife. Our love of music really nourished our relationship. We both met in the school orchestra. She played the piano and I played the cello. Recently, I proposed marriage to her and she accepted. At our upcoming wedding, I will play a piano song for her. I need piano lessons for beginners in Singapore. I had to learn how to play the piano very quickly.

Hani and I met in college. We both were both very skilled student musicians. Hani was classically trained to play piano. She worked the piano keys like it was second nature to her. She definitely had some skills. I could tell she was very talented with the way she played. It was like watching a female Beethoven. I was also a good musician myself. I was one of the best cello players in the band. We started to date before we graduated. We fell madly in love with each other. We have been in love ever since.

I wanted my song for Hani to be a secret. The problem is that I did not know how to play the piano. I could play a dong for Hani on the cello, but I wanted to learn the piano. I wanted to serenade her the same way she did to me in college. I found a teacher named Ms. Keys. She had a reputation of being a good teacher for beginners. She was very kind and patient with her new students. I stumbled a few times and made mistakes, but I started to perfect my skills through rigorous practice. I was determined to be ready for my wedding. I knew that Hani would love my song for her.