What are Good Delivery Gold Bullion Bars

Good delivery gold bullion bars are bars that meet certain requirements. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) set certain standards to control the quality of gold and silver bars released to the market. It provides a set of physical characteristics to look for in gold and silver bars.

Everyone who buys gold hopes that they are getting high-quality bars. If they do not know what to look for, they may be unable to get the best value for their money. The good delivery list provides a reference point. It makes the gold and silver market safe for trade. Manufacturers that meet the LBMA requirements can easily sell their gold and silver in any parts of the world. If you invest in them, you can get the highest prices after resale.

Who Is In The LBMA?

The London Bullion Market Association consists of 120 companies from different parts of the world. They include; miners, refiners, and traders. They all have certain connections to the gold and silver markets in London. The requirements that they set are considered the international standards for gold and silver. The following are some of the specifications.


The top surface of a gold bar contains certain markings. These marks can be used to determine the quality of gold. They should include a valid serial number, fineness, and year of manufacture. The bar must include an assay stamp from the refiner.


The minimum weight is 350 fine troy ounces. It should, however, not exceed 430 fine troy ounces.


The LBMA has set the acceptable dimensions for gold as follows: Top length: 250mm with an addition or subtraction of 40mm with an undercut of five degrees to 25 degrees. The width should be 70mm with an addition or subtraction of 15mm and an undercut of five degrees to 25 degrees. The height should be 35mm with an addition or subtraction of 10mm.


The minimum acceptable fineness for gold that has good delivery is .995 or 99.5%.

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