Evolution Of Self Pack Moving Businesses Down Under

Bought a house interstate ? got a better job or just want a change! reason could be anything , but its a biggest decision you have made! Yeah , moving interstate with your furniture and family is not easy , it doesn’t come with a short cut. Although there are options for you choose from to make your move simpler , but its always a challenge till the furniture arrives at your new place.

It all starts with finding places to stay first , if you already bought a house and selling your existing property , then its bit more daunting , as you need to make sure both the properties settlement dates are in line for you to move out and move in in to your new property. Lets if you wanting to keep your current home as investment home and decides to rent this out , you need to first find the right real estate agent to get an estimate of rent she or he can achieve on that property , once the agent gives you an estimate , start prepping for rental inspections , it again depends on which suburb the rental property is located. If the property is in a slow moving suburb , then it takes more time to find a tenant , this all will add up to the pressure of moving on time in to your new home.

When the moving dates are locked and ready , then the challenge of finding a professional moving company to help yo move your furniture to new home on time with out many dramas! There are several moving companies out there to move your home or business but not all of them are right fit for you , that’s why its bit more challenging to find a right moving company , Lets assume you wanting to move a 3 bedroom home , and there is not a lot of furniture around , large removalist company is a big no no for you!

Large and regular moving companies usually costs more than a small or self pack moving company , companies like Kents , Wridgways & others who call themselves as regular or full service VIP movers charge for the entire move . Thought its a full service , if you don’t have large amounts of furniture to be moved , then its not recommended for you , their charges on an average for a interstate move will be between 4,000 to 4500 . When there is only less furniture to be moved , its just not going to be cost effective! There is one more option, called back loading , i would not recommend back loading simply because of lack of control and security for your goods during transit.

Best option is to use a self pack container removals company , who uses quality shipping containers to move your furniture interstate or longer distances. These shipping containers come in different sizes , depending on the amount of furniture we are transporting or moving sizes can be chosen , Most common size is 20ft general purpose shipping container , this can easily take up to 2 to 3 bedrooms worth of furniture. You can purchase them or hire them from a reliable shipping container company , generally used shipping container will come with a small price tag than a brand new one!

It’s a simple process , where the company will deliver the shipping container at your current address or the closest depot , depending up on the access to your current property , once the container is placed , you are then ready to load all your belongings at your own pace , wrap them , pack them in whichever way you want! When you finish loading , shipping container will be moved using road or rail or even sea to your new address with in the stipulated time. Main aspect you need to consider here is , you are not paying anything to the packers and your furniture will be insured with a right amount of transit insurance for you to have a peace of mind. Many households choose self pack interstate removals , as it’s the cheapest way to move your furniture or belongings to longer distances.