Common mistakes sellers make basing sales price of real estate

You have to keep in mind, that listing price can be best set by estate agents and brokers, and not the sellers. As sellers are not professional real estate agents so they may not be able to work out the right listing price for their home. The fact also remains, that most home sellers are the ones who will also provide the agents with their listing price.

If you owe a property in Sobha Internatinal City then it is certain that you may be looking forward to generate profits when selling it. You place your offer to the agent, as per your requirements. Things tend to get more complicated the moment your listing price is too high as compared to the market price. You have to keep in mind that your listing price can actually repel or attract more buyers.

Sellers needs or wants factor

When speaking of selling your home, how much money you need is certainly not vey much important. You have to keep in mind that the listing price of the house certainly does not depend on the needs or requirements of the seller. If you want to make your sales then it is certain that you may have to agree to the market price.

This value in general is dominated by the buyer. It is the amount of money a buyer is actually willing to invest. If the buyer is willing to make the payments via loan or the investor, then this price will depend on the estimate provided by the investor. So in listing the price of your home, agents or sellers never have the upper hand.

Price tag same as your neighbor’s

If your Sobha International City property agent told you that your neighbor sold the house for much higher value, then you can never guarantee to get the same value. In general, people tag their homes on the basis of its initial value. You have to keep in mind that selling price and listing price may not be the same.

If the market is seller dominant, then you can expect higher price, but if not then you may have to compromise with market set price. Apart from this the selling price will also change depending on the condition of the home at the time of inspection. If your home is not maintained in good condition then you may not get higher sales price.

Before you place your listing price you can get the home inspected by dlf Magnolias Gurgaon agents and request them to provide with exact market value you can earn.

Square foot cost base price

Many people may prefer single floor homes while other may prefer two storied villa. There are chances that single level house may fetch you better price ass compared to two storied villa. If the home is small then it may carry much higher square foot cost. You can make use of this technique to calculate the approximate value of your home.

How agents calculate?

Most agents will depend on other agents for calculating the cost factor. They also rely on the changing market trend. The will avoid setting up higher price value for the buyer.