Employment equity training has become an essential part in the running of many businesses

Employment equity training has become an essential part in the running of many businesses. The training programme which should be attended once a year to keep updated with all the changes in the employment equity law can be done as part of a public venue class or one customized to suit the specific needs of a particular workplace. Employment equity is more than just creating diversity in the workplace. It is about giving an opportunity to those who have been disadvantaged by the system in the past to now have an easier access to gaining the required skills to then evolve them into a proper job.

A business can run the risk of being fined up to around 10 percent of the yearly turnover, just by not complying with or meeting the targets associated with the law. Getting reviewed is done through an external audit so there really is no way of escaping from it. Doing a proper job will entail seeking out the experts. Luckily this is the case through an employment equity training course.

Much of the confusion over the employment equity law is that companies feel that there will be too much of a change in the business environment and then a costly plan to lay out. This is the case if it is not done properly which is why a company should set up a committee consisting of management to oversee this process. They would be the ones who would attend an employment equity training course. Here they would get an overview of the law and then be schooled on areas such as diversity, discrimination and skills development.


Skills development in particular is the way that the business will be able to be financially rewarded in this case. With employment equity training, the members of the committee will be taught how to implement a learning programme into the workplace so that newer employees who do not have the skill set can learn it while being employed. The business will be remunerated through tax benefits for each of the employees they hire in this regard. Employment equity training is not localized to skin colour but religion, sexual orientation and disabilities. Understanding discrimination against these groups of people is a vital component in the employment equity training course. The course not only details all of the issues arising from these employees but to also offer practical guidelines on how to deal with them effectively.

In addition to the EE audit which is performed to make sure that a company is aligned with the law, there is also the aspect of BEE to consider. Employment equity makes up a major portion of the total on the scorecard. A low score here will mean a lot of disadvantages for the business in the trading world especially if they would want to be up for tenders. Attending employment equity training is a sure fire way to ensure all principles are being met and to then score the maximum points on this factor.