How Social Media Can Help Your Vacation Rentals Business?

If you look around today, there are many vacation rentals in the market catering to the holiday needs of people. Some of the top ones like Airbnb are very popular among travelers. Here, if you have space to rent you may use them for vacation rentals and earn money.  There are popular online platforms where people post their reviews about the places they have stayed in. Reading them helps the potential guest to decide on whether to go in for them or not.

Now how to promote your vacation rentals online

Gone are the days when word-of-mouth and traditional marketing means were enough to reach out to the people. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are being used on a large scale to reach out to travelers and make them aware of the facilities your vacation rentals will cover. Brian Ferdinand is an expert when it comes to the promotion and marketing of vacation rentals online. He is a financial consultant and also the COO of Vacation Rentals LLC. Having 15 years of invaluable experience in the field of trading methodologies he says that technology today will help you reach out to your targeted audience faster.


Reach out to your targeted audience with social media

In order to reach out to the targeted audience, it is important for you to interact with them. You should post engaging pictures and posts about your vacation rentals so that they are interested to contact you. As mentioned above, online reviews about your vacation rentals is a great way for you to learn about your business. Today, everyone is concerned about how they spend their hard earned cash and as per a recent study conducted by the Harvard Business School, Yelp reviews do play a significant role when it comes to attracting present and future customers. This website alone has a 11 million users and just some negative reviews can pull down your business.  If you earn a star on this platform, you can boost your vacation rentals business earnings by at least 9%, he says.

Be prepared for negative reviews

Once you start reading these online reviews, you might find some negative reviews that may seem malicious to you. This of course is very discouraging and pangs of anger might seep through you. However, remember, you are a business owner and it is prudent for you to cater to these reviews with a sympathetic attitude. Read the claims carefully that earned you negative reviews and see how valid they are. At the same time, check and improve your flaws. Interact and engage in interaction with the guest who was not happy with your service and give him or her the assurance that things will surely be better next time.

Brian Ferdinand says this is the way via which you effectively are able to win the customer over to your side. Your repute as a vacation rentals owner will also improve and you earn respect in the market with your integrity as well!