Megabite: The Most Trusted Distributor of Defense Technology for Over Two Decades

Founded in 1979, Megabite continues to be the most trusted distributor of defense technology in the entire United States. The company has been working relentlessly to serve the customers. In fact they offer customized solutions to the customers to suit their individual needs and preferences. The major customer base of Megabite consists of high profile public clients. As, the defense and military services and space sectors are managed exclusively by the government the company functions mainly with public departmental officials. Other than manufacturing electronic devices, it also serves as a major distribution company in the United States and has worldwide partnership. Its thorough business accomplishments and highly moral business practices is the key of the company’s success story.

Megabite Electronics is equipped with highly knowledgeable and qualified engineers who work along with the bureaucrats of space and defense departments to know about their necessities and services. This is a key advantageous fact of the company that has made the company one of the best preferred wholesalers that supplies the state security services and space scientific areas. The experts and Research and Development team works together in order to find out resolutions for their clients with maximum dependability. The company has customized database software which uses definite criteria to mechanically obtain government supplies daily.


Megabite prides itself to be an authorized distributor for:

  • Databus Products
  • Oak Grigsby
  • Automatic Connector
  • Joslyn Sunbank Co.
  • Air Dry Company
  • Electroswitch Corp.

Apart from being an authorized distributor, the company routinely sells products such as Couplers, Connectors, Batteries, Switches, Valves, Gaskets, Filters, EMI Shielding, Cable Assemblies, Washers, O-Rings, Relays, Gages, Circuit Cards, and Active Components along with several other military, industrial, and commercial parts. The company has been able to become a leader in the U.S market because of high quality products that it distributes. The staffs here always believed in the fact that customers are their priority. Megabite has used their skill to help the principals gain support as a source of supply to the DoD, in that way increasing their print position and sales.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Megabite Electronics is ready all the time to fetch something innovative for their valued clients. The company is amongst the important suppliers of electronics devices, gears and mechanisms to military and space. It has several plans to announce chain of new generation electronics stuffs for the people and nation. Because of the high standard delivery, business operations, technical qualities, and product quality, Megabite has a performance index of ninety nine percent from the Department of Defense. The company’s main business motto is to offer best standard of electronic solutions and components to its consumers.

Megabite aims to become the top most and prime supplier of all electronics solutions and components to US public departments in the future days. Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Megbite Inc. is one of the most trusted distributors of defense technology in the whole United States more than two decades.