Joining a Trade Show? What You can Do and Give Away to Make Your Brand Stand Out

A trade show or an exhibition is one of the best ways to get your brand out there – there are too many advantages to ignore it. First of all, trade shows allow you to mingle with the crowd and give your sales pitch in person. There’s nothing like that personal touch. Secondly, it allows you to get generate many leads, which can then be converted into future sales by your sales force. Third, and certainly not least, it allows you to do research on your potential clientele, as well as your competitor. But how do you make sure your time at the trade show has been exploited to its fullest? How do you make sure people remember you? Are you joining a trade show? Here’s what you can do and give away to make your brand stand out.

Give freebies

Everyone likes to receive something for free – admit it, you do, too. Even if it doesn’t cost much, the fact that you’re getting something for free makes you feel like you gained something for nothing. It will always be a good tactic. The trick is this: make sure that the freebie you’re giving away is actually useful, and will remind the person that you are there. Make sure it’s something your target demographic would like. You don’t have to spend much money on it; you just have to put some thought in it. And don’t forget your contact information.


Provide discounts

You have to be realistic about what your business can afford, so we don’t recommend BIG discounts – but a certain population would entertain your offer simply because you offer a discount. Think about it. Discounts work.

Organise competitions

Who doesn’t like a game, a raffle, a competition? Make it fun! Having people throw their business cards into a bowl for a raffle or competition doesn’t just make it fun – it ensures future sales leads.

Practical necessities

Forget the key ring – it’s handy, but it’s overdone. How about a case for their smart phone? How about microfibre cleaning cloths for their touch screens?

It’s all a matter of making sure that people will remember you, even when the trade show is over and your customers are on their way home. It’s about making sure that the clientele you’re looking for can still contact you even if you’re not in front of them. And it’s about creating a favourable impression and a good memory. However, if there’s one thing you should always remember, it’s the following: freebies, competitions, discounts and necessities may bring the people to you, but you’ll still need to convert them with a great tool they can notice, even from a distance: a banner. Even a cheap banner, if done and designed well with high-quality graphics, can do so much. So smile, put your best foot forward, and use the right tools. It never fails.

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