4 Reasons Why Your Brochures Have Failed to Impress


In using brochures to advertise your company, your main goal is to succeed in promoting the products and services you offer. You provide more details in the brochure. You want to entice the people to choose your company over your competitors. However, after some time of going through the campaign, you realise that you have not done well enough to boost your business. There are certain reasons why your brochures have failed to attract potential customers.

  1. There’s nothing new. Your new brochure might have the impression that it is like your old brochure. If not, people might feel like it has already been released in the past by other companies and you have just copied it. This feeling will make them less interested in reading all the details. They will think that it is just another marketing ploy that they won’t really care about.
  2. It’s irrelevant. You might have also inserted the same set of information that you have already placed before. If not, you must have used terms that are seemingly generic. You keep attracting them with words that are used mostly by other companies and there is nothing there for them to learn. The information might also not be the type of information they want to read.
  3. It’s too long. People hate spending time reading, especially these days. They prefer seeing pictures or videos. The attention span of human beings is generally short. This is the reason why you need to avoid making the brochure content really long. It will just turn people off. They would rather read something that is straight to the point. Brochures are more detailed than flyers. However, the most important aspects should be highlighted right away. If they are interested in reading what else is in store for them, then they can continue. Otherwise, they have already gotten the gist of the information.
  4. Very impersonal. Try to be specific in advertising what you offer. You also have to use a tone that makes people think you are talking to them directly. Remember those TV and radio commercials using a beautiful voice to attract people to buy? The same thing is true when it comes to brochures. People must think of a beautiful talking voice in their heads while they read the content of the brochure.

Once you have assessed your brochure, you can now improve the next batch that you will print. You also need to partner with the right printing companies to get only the best printing services. Aside from brochure printing, you can count on them for banner printing, leaflet printing and many other services. Then you will see a boost in your business in no time.