Why Interpersonal Skills Are Important For Your Business?

If you are a business owner, it is very important for you to have good interpersonal skills for your organization. This means you should have the right attitude and approach to deal with your subordinates and make them feel involved and wanted in the company. If your employees are happy, you effectively are able to move towards success and progress faster. Remember managing a company and taking it to new heights means that it is not a one man’s show- this is the reason why you should have good interpersonal skills that will improve your management skills and the prospects of a business with success!


Business leader who cares for his employees

George Bardwil is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of one of the most popular and oldest textile companies in Southampton Long Island in the USA- Bardwil Industries Inc. This Company was established by his late grandfather way back in 1906. He has three offices in the USA- located in New York, New Jersey and Ohio. He manages a team of 60 people and says that every one of his staff are dedicated and passionate towards their work and the development of the company.

If you ask his employees as to how they manage to be happy with their work, they say that Mr Bardwil is an inspiring mentor and team manager. He is very effective in team management and leadership skills. He is compassionate and he understands the issues and challenges the company faces at times. He believes in two- way communication and always wishes to hear the other side of the story before he takes decision. He says that when you are looking for the right path, it is always prudent to ask for suggestions.

This makes improvements and innovations faster. He believes that to survive in the market competition it is important for you to train your staff in the latest processes and technologies. He says problems are plenty however with the right attitude you effectively are able to resolve them. Unity in diversity is the key to success and he has proved the adage through his actions.

Maintain work life balance for success

He says that you should not focus on chasing money all the time. It is important for you to maintain a positive work life balance so that you do not lag behind in the market competition. This is the reason why he always takes time to exercise and work out. He is a devoted family man and has three children. He also spends time on doing the things that he likes- watching opera, ballet and Broadway Productions.

George Bardwil is not only a positive role model for his business but he is also a effective and inspiring role model for society as well. He is an active community service member and believes in giving back to society. He also loves to play tennis and golf. He says maintaining a positive work life balance actually makes you productive and successful in whatever you do!