A Guide for Hiring Marquees for Business, Festivals and Large Events

There is nothing quite like turning up to an event whether it be for business or a festival and seeing a marquee. It’s a tell-tale sign that the event is going to be a good one. However, choosing a marquee supplier can be quite a daunting task as there are a few things to consider. To help make your event run smoothly, we’ve put together this guide for hiring a marquee for whatever event your running.


It’s All About Location


Before searching the web or local businesses for your marquee, check whether or not your chosen location will permit you to erect a marquee. Normally this is just a formality but do not get caught out and assume it will be ok. Usually, hotels, stately homes and castles allow marquees to be put up in their grounds for a one-off hire charge, and lots of marquee hire companies work closely with venues to offer discounted prices.


Choose Your Style


Depending on the hire company, there are various style of marquees to choose from. You will be surprised at just how many different wall, window and door options there are available to you.  In summer (weather permitting) marquees look great with open sides, as your guests or customers can spill out onto the lawn, but a see-through option is also available for walls and looks great too. Consider carefully where you would want doors to be places as they can usually be placed anywhere, and as well as the entrance you can also have patio-style doors leading onto wooden decking and terraces if you plan it well.


The Clock is Ticking


Make sure you ask questions about timescale. When will the marquee be erected and taken down? When will it be ready to decorate? What will the ground be like after it has been taken down?



Check the Package


Before you confirm the hire of your marquee, always check what services are included in the price. As many hire companies now team up with specialist event managers at an extra cost to make the day as smooth as possible. It’s a service you may like to include in your package but if you do not just check that you haven’t been charged for it. Additionally, if you choose to hire from a local company, it’s likely that they would have worked with your chosen venue before and know exactly what is needed and price accordingly.