Contentmart.Com: A growing hub of exceptional writers

Google updates have dramatically changed the online business industry.  For past decade, Google has been relentless in penalising websites using out-dated practices like copying content for optimisation and keywords stuffing. This sudden increase in the need for superior and quality content has led many organisations to take the experts help in curating and creating fresh and engaging content. But the real pain point for business houses here is, how can they get quick and quality content?  Fortunately, platforms like Contentmart are turning out to be saviours for many such organisations by providing business houses with thousands of qualified content writers who can generate high quality content.


Contentmart, which launched in 2015 is a marketplace for Content Writing Services and freelance writers. It is the only Indian freelance job portal that connects, business houses with quality content requirements to qualified content writing professionals. It boasts a steady and solid interface and has become the hotspot for getting any type of freelance writing jobs.

Prospective clients meet writers ranging from amateur to experts via a simplistic bidding process. Client’s post their requirements and raise an order with price, writers then bid for the project and presto! The project is awarded to rightful content writer decided by the client. Since it’s inception, Contentmart has revamped beautifully and enhanced and smoothen the process to make it easier for clients and writers alike.

Founded by Anton Rublevskyy and Vikas Trivedi, Contentmart is just not limited to content writing, but you can hire a writer to do almost any type of writing job, from writing technical papers, eBooks to sales pages and business plans. What makes the platform reliable that business houses can fully trust on the quality of writers present at Contentmart? Well, as a writer when you register to Contentmart the platform will ask you to complete a series of English tests right from basic to intermediate to advanced level and mind you not everyone can pass through the test. The platform has an even more grilling screening process to give the badge of a ‘Verified Writer’ at Contentmart.

What sets Contentmart apart from other contemporary is that the portal only focuses on writing based freelance projects. The way Contentmart works is creating this unique balance of genuine demand and supply and to top that, it’s the first and the only kind of freelance marketplace in India.

So if you are writer why you should join Contentmart?

Well, the answer couldn’t be more simpler. Firstly, Contentmart is the only platform that focuses on freelance writing jobs. Secondly, Contentmart has the most simple, transparent, and fully secured payment process. Put it simply, once the project is awarded to a writer, the payment for that project is blocked from the client and to be fair to the client, the payment is only released once the client approves the content. Therefore, the platform acts as the fair mediator giving satisfactory output to both parties the client and the writer.